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Risk after heart surgery

Instability, infections and resulting reoperations are major risk factors after heart surgery and can result in up to 30% mortality.

During the operation, the chest bone is cut in the middle from top to bottom.

After the operation, the two halves are held together with several thin steel wires.

While coughing or abrupt movement, the wires can break or cut through the bone.

The POSTHORAX support vest stabilizes the broken chest bone, relieves the wires of pressure and reduces pain while coughing and during rehabilitation.

The Posthorax® support vest is worn 6-8 weeks after the operation until the bone fracture has completely healed. During this time the vest should be worn day and night, like any regular cast.

Patient Information and Care Manual
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The Function and Efficiency of the Posthorax Sternum Support Vest was tested in 3 Studies

  • Biomechanical Study, Biomechanical Institut, University of Vienna - 40 patients
  • Multicenter prospective randomized trial, Vienna, Austria – 2500 patients
  • Cohort Study University Heart Centre Hamburg, Germany – 2200 patients

Conclusion of these studies

“Consistent and correct use of the POSTHORAXTSupport Vest significantly reduces the risk of sternal (chest bone) wound healing complications and much prolonged hospitalization time“.


Yesterday I received the PRO vest. It‘s great. My father can breath normally, and he doesn‘t feel such big pain. Thank you very much,

Agnieszka Figlewicz

Ladies and gentlemen,
Grateful thanks for providing the chest bone support vest. It has helped me very much after the operation and was an indispensable healing device. Now two months after the operation I feel very well and thank you very much.
With cordial greetings

Klaus Dieter Rassenbruch, Leipzig


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